Prestigio PER3072B e-book reader – review

Prestigio PER3072B is a cheap e-book reader with a 7 inch TFT screen and the ability to display photos and videos, and listening to music. It supports a multitude of text and multimedia formats. It has 2GB of internal memory and supports MicroSD cards up to 32GB. How well does it perform its intended function? Pročitaj više o ovom članku

Touchpad On/Off shortcut key on Xubuntu 11.04 (eeePC1005HA)

Xubuntu is a great Linux distribution based on the popular Ubuntu. Ubuntu uses Gnome as the desktop environment, and netbook computers are not exactly known as a powerful machines, so I decided to try out alternative solution, the Xfce version of Ubuntu Family –Xubuntu. The combination of Asus eeepc1005HA + Xubuntu 11.04 works great.

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Jupiter – an alternative to the Super Hybrid Engine for Xubuntu 11.04+

The role of this application is energy management. It provides extended battery life on a single charge by reducing the processor speed. So, Jupiter is an alternative to Super Hybrid Engine-in for Linux. Pročitaj više o ovom članku

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